Last Updated: August 13, 2023

Siesta Breakers #603 Property Description

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Beautiful views from Siesta Breakers #603, a 1,265 square foot, 6th floor, gulfside beach condo, in Siesta Key, FL at Siesta Breakers vacation condominiums, a vehicle and pedestrian gated resort. Siesta Breakers Pool Area. The living room opens through 14 foot, floor to ceiling impact glass doors onto a screened lanai that over-looks the pool, Crescent Beach and the sparkling aqua blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The master bedroom also opens onto the screened lanai, through 5 foot glass impact doors. View of Pool Area, Crescent Beach, and the Gulf of Mexico from the Lanai of Siesta Breakers #603. Enjoy the balmy breeze from the lanai with a spectacular view of the gulf, surrounded by lush tropical greenery. Guests have complete access to all Siesta Breakers resort amenities, including a large heated pool, an outdoor shower, 2 tennis courts (night play available on both), clubhouse, Wi-FI available in the pool area and clubhouse, a private beach area (250 feet from the condo), complete with beach lounges, and chairs. Siesta Breakers. The property has paver brick driveways, and parking lot, with reserved covered parking for your vehicle, and a gas barbecues available by the tennis courts.

Siesta Breakers is located directly at the end of Stickney Point Road where it intersects with Midnight Pass Road. This location puts Siesta Breakers in the center of Crescent Beach and just across the street from 3 shopping centers.

Siesta Breakers is located in the North Building, on the 6th floor, 2nd stack from the right.

It’s all here at Siesta Breakers in Siesta Key, the elegant gulf side beach vacation condominium, that combines luxurious amenities with a relaxed island vibe that appeals to both visitors and locals, a place to lay back and relax, and let the warm breezes, cool water, and soft sand transport you to your personal paradise. Siesta Breakers access to Crescent Beach and the Gulf of Mexico. Siesta Key is alive with laid-back tropical atmosphere, and has everything you want for a restful visit to rejuvenate or for the rest of your life! Crescent Beach, and the Gulf of Mexico. This tropical paradise consists of a crescent shaped 8-mile stretch of white sand along the Gulf of Mexico, a barrier island about 50 miles south of Tampa, just offshore of Sarasota, and is home to some of the most beautiful soft pristine white sand beaches in the world, consistently rated among the top 10 beaches, it is considered one of nature’s finest treasures.

From one end of the island to the other, you will experience a vibrant island lifestyle, and wherever you go and whatever you do in Siesta Key, you will experience the warm welcome and island hospitality that brings people to Siesta Key and calls them back year after year. Siesta Key offers a unique ambiance for visitors and residents alike, a destination for all who stay or live in the Sarasota area, thanks to the world’s finest white sand beaches, resorts, shopping, nightlife, a wide variety of live entertainment and unique dining options that stretch the entire length of the island, and the delicious cuisine of an assortment of American, French, Italian, and Oriental restaurants.

Siesta Key has three wonderful beaches, where you can play, relax, or walk along the water's edge, Crescent Beach, Siesta Beach (public), and Turtle Beach (public). Unlike the sand on beaches elsewhere that are made up mostly of coral, the sand on Crescent Beach, and Siesta Beach is 99% pure quartz, pulverized to a fine white powder. Even on the hottest days, the sand is so reflective that it feels soft and relatively cool to the touch, no matter how high the temperature rises.

Siesta Key Average Monthly Temperatures & Rainfall
°F = Fahrenheit       °C = Celcius or Centigrade

Relative Humidity: High of 83% & Low of 53%       Prevailing Wind: East       Elevation Sea Level: Up to 18 Feet
Gulf Water
Gulf Water
Annual 83°F / 28°C 65°F / 19°C 76°F / 24°C 3.8"
January 72°F / 22°C 51°F / 11°C 63°F / 17°C 2.6" July 92°F / 33°C 75°F / 24°C 86°F / 30°C 7.9"
Average 75°F / 24°C 60°F / 15°C 67°F / 20°C 1.9" August 91°F / 33°C 74°F / 23°C 87°F / 31°C 5.4"
February 74°F / 23°C 57°F / 14°C 64°F / 18°C 1.5" Average 90°F / 32°C 73°F / 23°C 84°F / 29°C 5.3"
March 77°F / 25°C 57°F / 14°C 68°F / 20°C 4.3" September 89°F / 32°C 73°F / 23°C 85°F / 29°C 7.8"
April 81°F / 27°C 59°F / 15°C 74°F / 23°C 1.0" October 85°F / 29°C 68°F / 20°C 79°F / 26°C 4.5"
Average 77°F / 25°C 58°F / 14°C 69°F / 20°C 2.3" Average 87°F / 31°C 71°F / 21°C 82°F / 28°C 6.2"
May 87°F / 31°C 68°F / 20°C 78°F / 26C 2.8" November 80°F / 27°C 69°F / 21°C 72°F / 22°C 2.0"
June 89°F / 32°C 73°F / 23°C 83°F / 28°C 5.0" December 73°F / 23°C 59°F / 15°C 67°F / 19°C 1.2"

Enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool, test your tennis game, Siesta Breakers Tennis Courts. play a game of beach volleyball, ride a bike, fly a kite, or just do whatever you want to do. The weather in Siesta Key is truly exceptional, an almost-perfect year round warm subtropical climate, making every sort of outdoor activity available and enjoyable nearly year-round. Once you discover how wonderful Siesta Key is, you'll want to be here as much as you possibly can. Siesta Breakers Pool Area. Enjoy the many outdoor activities, such as swimming, fishing, searching for shells, para-sailing, skim boarding, stand-up paddle boarding, sail-boarding, wind surfing, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, bicycling, roller-blading, build sand castles, sunbathe and soak up the warm afternoon sunshine, plunge into the sparkling aqua blue Gulf of Mexico, or just walk the beach dipping your toes in the surf.

As you walk along Crescent Beach, enjoy the sunshine and tropical breezes, track the flight of a flock of pelicans, Great White Egret. see egrets, sandpipers, ospreys, seagulls and the many other shore birds, including terns, plovers, ibis, spoonbills, and storks. Bird watching is one of the favorite activities of residents and visitors alike. The many varieties of wading birds, like the beautiful snowy egret, the great heron, and the 4 to 5 foot tall Sandhill Cranes with their bright red heads and distinctive calling sounds, are just a few of the different types to be seen.

Offshore, dolphins and manatees are often spotted frolicking in the gulf and bay waters. Enjoy your holiday in the Florida sunshine relaxing on a private piece of world famous Crescent Beach with silky white quartz sands.

Twenty golf courses are nearby if that is your choice of leisure. The tropical climate on Siesta Key offers you rest, relaxation and recreation. Miles of beach, plus salt air and gentle breezes from the Gulf of Mexico add up to a dream vacation. Find a comfortable spot in the late afternoon to view the breathe taking moment when the sun dips below the horizon and paints the sky in strokes of red and orange.

There's more to Siesta Key than just beaches and water. There are two main shopping and restaurant districts on Siesta Key, each with a wide variety of shops. The Siesta South Shopping Area begins at the Stickney Point Bridge and goes south along Midnight Pass Road, and has everything you need within walking distance, a full service grocery store with a deli counter offering both hot and cold foods, nearby drug store and post office, courier service, stores, shops, boutiques, salons, liquor store, fine restaurants and entertainment and seafood houses, even a marina. Boat, kayak, fishing, para-sailing charters, jet-ski and bike rentals are also available.

On the north end of Siesta Key is Siesta Village, a short walk from Siesta Beach, a mostly pedestrian village area catering to the island lifestyle, with stores, shops, boutiques, numerous sidewalk cafes, open-air dining restaurants, ranging from fast-food to award-winning fine dining, offering everything from subs, sandwiches, and burgers to crab, lobster, raw oysters, blackened fish and many other unique local dishes at many of the waterfront and casual seafood restaurants. There is also a small supermarket in the village with a deli counter offering both hot and cold foods, as well as a drug store and post office.

Two bridges link Siesta Key to the mainland, allowing it to remain an uncomplicated natural paradise without sacrificing the amenities of contemporary life. The Stickney Point Road Bridge. The north bridge, Siesta Drive, is within the City of Sarasota and provides convenient access to the city, its business and arts districts, and to the Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport via US Highway 41. The south bridge, Stickney Point Road, provides access to south Sarasota County and a direct route to Interstate 75.

On the east side of the island is Sarasota Bay and Florida's intra-coastal waterway. It is a scenic trail for boaters interested in exploring the mangrove forests that dot the shoreline, or cruising to Sarasota's many dockside restaurants and pubs. Temporary docking is available at several local restaurants and many of the bayside condominiums have boat docks available for renters. For your enjoyment, there are many marinas offering charters, guided tours and boat rentals.

Canal leading out to the Intercoastal Waterway, Gulf Gate boat docks, restaurants, bars, pubs, stores, and shops. On the island's west side are Siesta Key's glorious white sand beaches, ranked number one in the world in 2011 by Dr. Beach, and the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. There are almost 50 miles of canals and waterways inside Siesta Key which is also surrounded by water, the Intra-coastal waterway, Sarasota Bay, Roberts Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Crescent Beach, in the middle of Siesta Key, offers lush, white sands, azure waters, and stunning sunsets, but it is relatively secluded and quiet, Crescent Beach & the Gulf of Mexico with a more laid-back atmosphere. Located just south of Siesta Beach, the beach scene here tends to be more peaceful and private.

Crescent Beach, noted for its crescent shape, extends for 2 ½ miles from the northern tip of Siesta Key, south past Siesta Beach to Point of Rocks, a lovely snorkeling and diving area that is rich with coral rock formations, unusual outcropping of flat, smooth, limestone rock extending for some distance out into the shallow water, as well as home to colorful and abundant marine life.

There are no lifeguards or restroom facilities available to the public on Crescent Beach. The shallow water depth in the near shore area, makes this one of the safest beaches in the County and great for small children. There is only 1 public access to the beach, and parking is thankfully very limited, and any parking on the local streets is prohibited. Most of the people seen on Crescent Beach are either guests of the many beach and bayside resorts, or locals who took the S.C.A.T. bus, walked or biked to the beach.

A walk at a leisurely pace from Point-of-Rocks at one end of the beach, past Siesta Beach to the north end and back, would take about 1¾ to 2 hours, depending on how often you stopped to look at the many shore birds you meet along the way.

Siesta Beach (public) is located to the north of the island, off Midnight Pass Road, and is ¾ of a mile long, offering the same lush, white sands, azure waters, and stunning sunsets. This 40 acre beach has 2,400 linear feet of gulf beach frontage. Siesta Beach. There are 800 parking spaces plus limited parking at the 13 public beach accesses to accommodate visitors, shallow water depth in the near shore area, and with year round lifeguard protection.

The lifeguard stands have been painted in primary colors (yellow, blue, green, and red) to make it easier to keep track of where you and your children are. The beach`s many amenities include, two food and souvenir concession stands, restrooms, showers, picnic tables and large group picnic shelters, gazebos, tennis courts, ball fields, beach volleyball courts, a soccer field, a 20 station fitness trail, and playground equipment.

If you're staying on Siesta Key, there are plenty of public access points to the public beach so it's a short walk from most of the north end of the key. Beyond the fire station near the intersection of Midnight Pass Road and Beach Road, the next public beach access south is near Stickney Point Road. Siesta Beach is within easy walking distance of Siesta Village, about 2 miles away, with many quaint shops, restaurants and nightly entertainment.

Turtle Beach (public) is located on Midnight Pass Road near the south end of Siesta Key and is known for its shelling, fishing, and surfing. This beach is completely separate from the crowds up at Siesta Beach, and it is far less commercial and much quieter. This 14 acre beach has 2,400 linear feet of gulf beach frontage. Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach is a narrow beach with a steeper incline, and with darker sand, browner and with a greater shell consistency than on Crescent Beach and Siesta Beach to the north. It is less crowded than Siesta Beach, and offers plenty of free parking. This area has restaurants, shopping and a few local night spots nearby. A short ½ mile walk south offers access to Palmer Point Beach on Casey Key.

The beach`s many amenities include restrooms, a building for meetings, free boat launch area, small and large picnic shelters, beach volleyball court, horseshoe pit, playground equipment, showers, and fishing is permitted in the adjacent Blind Pass Lagoon which connects to Little Sarasota Bay. Turtle Beach also has a newky installed lifeguard stand.

This beach is also home to many nesting sea turtles, and their natural habitat and nests, are protected by law.

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